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Clarity has a complete, vertically-integrated healthcare real estate and operations platform to oversee the investment and maximize its potential.

Simply stated, Clarity Solutions specializes in the ownership, development, operations and management of physician owned Hospitals, Ambulatory Surgery Centers and Medical Office Buildings.

Clarity partners with physicians to create innovative medical facilities that are designed to improve physician work environments and efficiencies while embodying the all-encompassing healthcare and hospitality practices known as Patient Focused Care.

Acquisition & Development

Clarity Solutions will help you find and develop investment grade healthcare real estate properties offering value and long-term profitability to the buildings current and future owners, and to each property’s tenants.

Property Management

We can help you manage properties that will provide immediate investment returnsandhigh long-term profit potential for individual project investors.

Operations Consulting

The keystone to success is engaging Clarity Solutions to provide unmatched health care operations management and consulting services
to ensure long-term profitability and viability of various health care ventures.

Resource Leveling (Staffing)

Over twenty-four years of operations experience with an extensive background in resource loading (recruitment/contracting) & resource leveling (staffing) brings an invaluable tool to the table that few others in the field can offer.

Our Goals and Objectives

The primary focus of Clarity Solutions is to provide individual and institutional investors an opportunity to invest in real estate projects and healthcare ventures at all stages of the development and operations cycle. This allows investors to diversify their investment portfolios by entering into projects with high long-term profit potential as well as immediate investment returns. The objective is to develop projects that leverage broad health care development knowledge to build thriving relationships by treating investors as colleagues and  close deals that show long-term profitability. These goals and objectives will be met by the formation of independent project companies that are owned in-part by the individuals, to include physicians, which facilitate each project.

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