VOIP Business Services

Integrate & Improve Your Communications

Clarity specializes in bringing your business phone lines into the world of VOIP. (Voice Over Internet Protocol). Summed up, this allows your business to:

  1. Provide better customer service by allowing your customer service team to take more calls and route them to the appropriate person when necessary.
  2. Scale to your businesses needs so you won’t have to worry about being able to handle an increase in customer calls, inquiries, and support requests – at least when it comes to the technical side of things.
  3. Simplify your teams life by simplifying call routing and enabling your team to answer calls from anywhere.

Online Marketing & Advertising

Clarity Solutions gets your websites to #1 on Google & builds traffic & leads through outstanding SEO services, digital marketing & website design. Top off the success with paid PPC campaigns through that most effective social media and search engine platforms.

Website Design & Administration

Specializing in WordPress and responsive websites, Providing eCommerce websites & SEO services, or simply optimizing what you have already got.

Security Monitoring Systems

Thanks to Clarity's excellent network, we proudly provide your with the assurance that you're protected by the latest high-performance HD video surveillance system, while spending just a fraction of what you'll find elsewhere.

Local & Cloud Managed VOIP

With a PBX system, call routing is typically done from one central location, which makes it more cost-effective and easier to scale compared to a traditional key telephone system. PBX systems are also more flexible and feature-rich compared to key telephone systems.

Remote Management

Employers can benefit too from Work-at-Home Employees

Working from home can be positive for both enterprise employers and employees. Increased productivity, improved work-life balance, and reduced costs are just some of the ways remote work flexibility can be mutually beneficial, that is IF you’ve got what you need both setup and managed correctly. Clarity can get you setup with the tools you need to ensure optimum results.

Let us improve your business!